Similar to EFT and other energy psychology techniques, when using SourceTapping® you

1. Form a partnership with Source (God, Higher Self, Universe)

2. Bring in the Divinity Frequencies

3. Release from the conscious and the subconscious

4. Clear many feelings at once

5. Install a positive state of being

6. Use the Pleasure Breath to increase oxytocin


Use SourceTapping® to

• Eliminate current emotional discomfort

• Heal old trauma

• Reduce physical pain

• Curb cravings

• Increase energy

• Heighten feelings of well being


Click on the link below to download the SourceTapping®

script and diagram of points.

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Tapping Models


You now have an opportunity to become

a SourceTapping® Practitioner.

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Real Deal

spaceWith years of teaching experience and trained as a psychotherapist, Meryl has created SourceTapping® to clear not just the presenting symptoms, but also the cause of the problem.


When Meryl introduced tapping to her clients, they loved it…except they hardly ever did it once they left her office. “I don’t remember what to say,” and “I don’t know where to tap,” were two frequent comments.


In addition, with a background in 12 Step Recovery, Meryl’s clients wanted their Energy Tapping experience to include a Higher Power.


Poof … SourceTapping® was born!


It includes a script and a diagram of points so is a very user-friendly take-home tool. And, it includes the spiritual element – setting up a partnership between the clients and their Higher Power/Source so the clients feel supported as they do the tapping.


Meryl has been using and teaching SourceTapping® since 1998 and has witnessed dramatic effects. Sometimes the issue will clear in just ten minutes and, more often, a challenging problem might take a full session or two.


SourceTapping® is an effective tool to heal traumas, eliminate phobias, reduce anxieties, curb cravings, heighten spirituality, diminish shame, increase compassion (for self and others), halt emotional eating, manage stress, and, basically, to rewire the brain.


It is one of the many tools featured in Meryl’s best selling book, Stop Eating Your Heart Out, in which Meryl shares her story of living in the hell of an eating disorder and then provides tools for recovery and changing any unwanted habit or behavior.


Meryl has her own little oasis in the Tucson desert where she enjoys walking her sweet dog, Sadie, and relaxing with Mr. Lucky, her desert-survivor cat, affectionately dubbed the “Purr-o-later” because of his continual purring.